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Since March 2014, I was honored to participate in your AWESOME life coaching academy that lead to me reaching a major goal…To become a Certified Life Coach. Wow, I have learned so much from Dr. Kai and your team. Georgia State University allowed me to use this AWESOME opportunity as a professional development. Over the past four years, I have been able to inspire, ignite, and share a wealth of information to faculty, staff, and students at Georgia State University. As I share my knowledge with them, I am learning and growing as well. I am honored to refer people that I know to take advantage of this AWESOME opportunity. I am glad our paths crossed four years ago! Again, I want to thank you. Continue to share, learn, grow, and expand, dream, do, excel, and develop the best life coaches in the State of Georgia.


Tonya C.

Kizmat T.

I've identified my Life Coach niche and I work with women who have experienced the loss of a child through either miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion.  I just also accepted a position for a non-profit.  I am the Director of their Women of Empowerment mentoring (life coaching) program for both men and women. I'm also over their Facebook page with has over 11,000 followers and over 4,000 in a private Facebook group for mom's who have experienced a loss.


It feels good to finally narrow down my niche and it was because...I set on my journey to becoming a Life Coach.


So life is good and I'm happy!


Thank you, Dr. Kai!

Hi Dr. Kai,

Just wanted to let you know that I engaged a Wellness coaching client recently. Although I shifted TBYT to a product-based business, this lady really wanted coaching. So as a refresher, I went back to look at the Life Coaching manual you created for us.
     It really is a nicely done work and gets right to the point of what is needed to be a successful coach.

     All content and no fluff!

Thank you,

Kim T.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how the life coaching training course has catapulted a change in my life. I have been on a self-discovery journey to finding my purpose in life, and after taking your class it put everything in motion. Not only for the coaching portion but also the marketing (which was unexpected). Since taking your class, I have followed all of the recommended ideas to starting a business. It's called, "Your Mind & Body, LLC" and it is now fully operating because of the words, encouragement, and skills learned from taking your class. 


I also walked away with two additional contacts from taking the class. God will put us in the right place at His appointed time!  Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful class! It was truly a blessing! 

Robyn M.

Just loving being on the mission field for God and telling His message of redemption, restoration and transformation!


What an awesome life coaching class! With my credential under my belt as a Life Coach, it allows me to do more.

Michelle S.

Wow! Just wow. And to think I almost turned around during my first hour of morning rush-hour traffic thinking, "This will probably be a waste of time. Why did I do this? Who can be a CLC in ONE DAY?!?" 


I arrived, walked in and automatically felt a magnetism and energy in the room. I was SAFE. A feeling of calm rushed over me and every previous worry was forgotten.   There was purpose in every encounter. I was introduced to some of the MOST magnificent women I have ever met. How can this be?!?
I couldn't help but just fall on my knees tonight and talk to God because He is the only one (besides some of my colleagues today hopefully) that can understand the breadth and depth of the knowledge, relationships, and purpose I came in contact with today. This day is one for the books. I became a Certified Life Coach...but it was so much more. I'm not often surrounded by such courageous and unstoppable women. I can't wait to see what these women accomplish! 

I'm a better person for knowing each person I met today. Rarely am I in a room filled with God's stewards in such a genuine way. I'm awed just thinking of the tidal wave the several of us will bring to the coaching world. We're going to change lives. For the better. For God's glory. Thank you. 

Jenna G.

Words can't communicate the overwhelming joy that I experienced as a result of being in your presence!! Thank you all for sincere fellowship in our Life (change & growth) Coach Class.  Dr. Kai! You are amazing!! Simply AMAZING!!!!!  I love you!! 

Cassandra D.

This was a terrific class!  I am now a certified life coach!  Yay!  I found the confidence to present a proposal to a major corporation to create an atmosphere for a training coach for their warehouse employees. With my experience as a supervisor working in corporate America for several years, I feel so liberated as an independent business life coach trainer.  I am very grateful to have found this course.

Ramone H.

My Dear Dr. Kai,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you profusely for the "Life Coach Certification" class you conducted today.
        Although I enrolled in the program to become a more efficient life coach through certification, the process allowed me to view myself as a client who has just received coaching in an area that I am sure to excel in.
        I was absolutely amazed with your program. You brought out a passion in me
that I didn't realize I had and now I will be able to share and help others with my newly discovered gift.
        The cost of the class which was incredibly under priced demonstrated that your heart and passion is to educate and qualify life coaches first and foremost; I shall indeed apply like passion to my practice.
        Once again, I thank you and best regards,
Mike T.

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