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Georgia Certified Life Coach Academy offers a broad range of innovative solutions to meet your continuing education and therapeutic needs. 


Our Life Coaching Training and Certification program offers the best comprehensive curriculum for only $997.00.  WE HAVE SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE AT $498.50.  Please call for further information.  Hurry, classes fill fast!

What Is a Life Coach?

Professionals who provide the drive and guidance their clients need to improve their careers, relationships, businesses, and lives. They help clients to:

  • Recognize their skills and dreams
  • Refocus their life's goals
  • Move past challenges that stand in the way of those goals

Georgia Certified Life Coach Academy teaches you how to be a great coach by using our proven coaching system in only 8 hours. Our hands-on instructional life coach training course ensures you will gain the knowledge and learn the tools and techniques of successful coaching. By the time you graduate our life coach training, you will have earned a coaching credential that is recognized and respected in the State of Georgia and accepted worldwide. You will be prepared to provide your clients with the finest coaching experience available anywhere.  

2023 ONLINE SPECIAL at 50% OFF!!!  ONLY $498!!!

Join us in 2023 for an exciting year!

CALL OR EMAIL FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.  info@georgiacertifiedlifecoaches.org

Accepting Registration for APRIL 29, 2023 - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - VIRTUAL LIVE ONLINE

Life Coaching Training & Certification
498.50 USD

Our 1-day accelerated intensive training program will certify and validate you to become a Certified Life Coach. You will be equipped with everything you need to begin your general practice as a Certified Life Coach.




QUICK START YOUR LIFE COACHING PRACTICE. Only 12 Spots Available for this Special Invitation!



Quick Start Your Life Coaching Business
99.00 USD

Our goal is to help show you how to start your professional life coaching practice/business. This 5-hour conference workshop will help you to complete a business plan. Payment includes tuition, manual and materials, beverages, snack breaks, and Certificate of Continuing Education Hours.




* 6 Week Business Development Course

* 10 Week Business Development Course

* 12 Month Master Life Coach Certification Course

* Peer to Peer Coaching Program

* Virtual Networking

* Facebook Group

* 2022 International Life Coaches Conference - West Africa, Accra, Ghana


This Intensive Business course offers CE credits, including 5 hours of consultation with Master Life Coach Abi Marsh, CMLC. Examines ten areas of coaching that can become your specialized niche. Developing a niche in coaching allows you to expand your practice and stand out as an expert in your chosen field.  Professionals who provide the drive and guidance their clients need to improve their careers, relationships, businesses, and lives will help them to:


  • Recognize their skills and dreams
  • Refocus their life's goals
  • Move past challenges that stand in the way of those goals

Say you’re deeply passionate about business and entrepreneurship, but . . . you’ve never started or run a business of your own. We have a surefire way to get the confidence you need when you’re first starting out.  Register for any of these intensive Business Courses and begin your professional life coaching practice or business. 


Bring your laptop or tablet and prepare to write your Business Plan and develop your Business Facebook Page!  See what success looks like as you begin to build your client base and make great money!



9:00am to 3:00pm

Center for the Healing Arts

50 Lincoln Rd., Suite A

McDonough, Georgia 30253


Pre-requisite:  Life Coach Certification

Call for pricing



Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) is a commercial transaction that involves the sexual exploitation of a child, such as the prostitution of children and child pornography. CSEC may involve coercion and violence against children and amount to forced labor and a form of contemporary slavery as well as offering the sexual services of children for compensation, financial or otherwise.  CEU credits.


Training Objectives:

1.  Overview of Trafficking

2.  Elements of Trafficking

3.  Overcoming "Why didn't (s)he just leave?"

4.  Human/Sex Trafficking in Georgia

5.  Is Organ Trafficking connected to Human/Sex Trafficking?

6.  Identification of Victims

7.  Resources



10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Or By Scheduled Appointment



Grant Writing 101
99.00 USD

Fund Your Mission! Grant Writing 101
Become a Grant Writer Today!
• Enhance Your Skill Set
• Double Your Income
• Increase Your Organizational Revenue
• Secure Six Figure Gifts
This 1/2 day workshop will show you how to get the funding you seek! Certificate of Continuing Education.


Join us for an interactive, fast-paced Grant Writing Workshop where nonprofit expert, Pamela Owunta, MBA, offers step-by-step guidance on how to attract and secure organizational funding through the creation of high quality, persuasive grant proposals.

Participants will learn how to:

*   Write Compelling, Winning Proposals

*   Identify Prospective Funders, Donors and Volunteers

*   Develop Evaluation Metrics that Promote Program Success


Light refreshments served.



10:00 am - 2:00 pm




Djembe Drum Therapy
30.00 USD

Individual Djembe Drum Therapy Activity for Adults, Adolescents, Children and Preschoolers. Excellent holistic countermeasure for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome, Anxiety, Tension, Mood Swings, PTSD, and much more.


Djembe drum therapy is used to treat a number of ailments including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (autism, cerebral palsy, mentally and physically challenged, etc.), adults with Parkinson’s disease, patients with alzheimer’s, etc., and also people just looking to relieve stress / extend their lifespan in the process.  Djembe drumming stimulates the entire brain in a way that nothing else can.


Sessions are in increments of 30 minutes



Art Therapy--Canvass Painting
25.00 USD

BYOB therapy that offers a fun and unique way to uncork your creativity. Enjoy your favorite glass of wine while re-creating a featured painting of the afternoon. Snacks provided.


Paint, canvas, brushes and aprons are provided as an experienced local artist leads you step by step through the process of unleashing your inner Van Gogh. Register Early.  Space is limited.


To be announced

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm



GPS In Attitudes
49.00 USD

Our GPS in Attitudes offers a 1/2 day workshop will provide a guided program for achieving professional and personal success. Payment includes tuition, manual and materials, snack break, and upon successful completion of workshop, a Certificate of Continuing Education Hours.


The basic premise of GPS in Attitudes workshop is that individuals are functioning at only a fraction of their potentials, not because of lack of skills or knowledge, but because of their attitudes. This is true of their lives in general. Family relationships, personal pursuits of success, physical health, and just the time one spends alone with one's self hold infinitely greater possibilities for most people if they can only make some adjustments in their thinking.

                               For a group of 5 or more, we offer a 10% discount rate.



Quick Start Your Business
99.00 USD

Our goal is to help show you how to start your professional life coaching business. This 1-day workshop will help you to complete a business plan. Payment includes tuition, manual and materials, beverages, morning/afternoon snack breaks, lunch, and Certificate of Continuing Education Hours.


Say you’re deeply passionate about business and entrepreneurship, but . . . you’ve never started or run a business of your own. We have a surefire way to get the confidence you need when you’re first starting out.  Register for our Quick Start Business Course today and begin your professional life coaching practice or business tomorrow.



Publishing Your eBook
79.00 USD

Debut and veteran published authors write e-books to achieve exactly what most writers want: The freedom to write on a topic of your choice, work when you want, and make a ton of money.



Writing and Publishing an eBook is one of the top five moneymaking businesses in the world. Publishing your own e-Books is really easy.

We offer a comprehensive program so you can get started publishing your own e-books, to include fiction and non-fiction titles and poetry.


Our 1-day program method is easy to follow. Here’s what you’ll learn:

* How to write a saleable e-book in record time
* Which topics have the highest profit potential
* Best approaches for pricing your e-book
* How to earn 100% royalties
* Quick ways to get up and running with no start-up costs
* Which publishing options are right for you
* Best ways to promote your e-book with little cost
* And a whole lot more …

You could easily make an extra $25,000 a year … and that’s just for starters.

Truth is, if you're dedicated, you could make a six-figure income.

Just bring your laptop and your manuscript and let's get started.




Bankruptcy Petitioners
199.00 USD

DEBT-RUPTCY! You probably know several people up to their eyeballs in debt? Learn How To Become a Bankruptcy Petitioner Preparer and save your clients thousands of dollars! Earn your fee and cut out the middle man, or keep the middle man and get paid several times more than the amount of your fees!


Are you ready to expand your business or start a new business earning lots of extra money? Consider the growing market for Bankruptcy Petitioners. Bankruptcy attorney fees are sky high!  Bankruptcy Petitioners file the same documents as the bankruptcy attorney, using the same bankruptcy guidelines, saving the clients thousands of dollars! Your clients will love you and send you referrals!  Clients can eliminate the sky high bankruptcy attorney's fees and hire you to handle their bankruptcy matters.  Many attorneys have more bankruptcy cases than they can handle and would love to contract their cases out to Bankruptcy Petitioners. This is an excellent opportunity for Income Tax Preparers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Mortgage and Auto Brokers, Financial Analysts, Entrepreneuers, Paralegals, Retirees, College Students, and Homemakers.


Expert Bankruptcy Petitioner Preparer, Clarissa Taylor, offers step-by-step guidance on filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, and demonstrates how to get additional business from Bankruptcy lawyers, earning exra fees.  You will earn your tuition back with your first client.  This is a 1-day course.  Choose a date below. Hurry, seating is limited.


You'll Learn:

*  Bankruptcy Codes

*  EZ filing forms

*  Case Management

*  Client Processing

*  Form B22

*  Case Forms

*  Filing Fees and Printing

*  Rules and Regulations


Course Includes:

*  Training Material

*  Resource Guide

*  Bankruptcy Forms Package

*  Continuing Education Certificate

*  Refreshments


To be announced

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.





Maximize the Power of Your Presence
97.00 USD

As a facilitator, workshop leader, motivator, and life coach, Linda King, MA, CLC, is an identity expert! She helps people who feel frustrated, stuck and confused see who they are, confront where they are and accept who they've been called to be by Re-discovering their true identity.



MAXIMIZE the Power of Your Presence is a highly interactive workshop series

that is designed to help you rediscover your true identity by:


* Increasing your awareness about what you have to share and how to

  share who you are

* Exposing three reasons why you don’t share who you are with others

* Revealing the importance of sharing who you are

* Learning how to give others an accurate picture of who you are

* Confronting those obstacles that prevent you from moving forward

* Embracing the past that reflects your true identity

* Identifying “defining moments” in your life that support your true identity


Course Includes:

*  Workshop Material

*  Continuing Education Certificate

*  Refreshments





African History Studies
149.00 USD

Learn from some of the most magnificent teachers of antiquity. This intimate 12-week course is designed to introduce, inform, inspire and empower people through Black History and Black Studies by educating the community to educate themselves thereby creating a self-sustaining learning circle.


Course includes books, material, and snack break. Certificate of Achievement.


Classes are conveniently held on 2nd Saturdays.  Beginning January through December from 10 am to 12 noon.


100% unpologically AFRIKAN!

African History and ancient Egyptian Studies should be studied throughout the year and not just during Black History Month held in February. "Education is your passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today" (Malcolm X). This course supports this view and encourages people to learn about Black History and Culture and use it to develop their lives and others.


Introduction to the Study of Ancient Kemet (Egypt), Afrikan/Black History, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Science, Art, Music and Religion.


"The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster......The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting." - Milan Kundera

Counseling/Healing Arts
30.00 USD

We provide a variety of mental health services for individuals, children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, and groups. We use a holistic approach that is grounded in the belief that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected to the soul. Sessions are in increments of units.



Counseling is a time and space set aside for an individual, couple, family, or group to receive professional help for emotional and/or behavioral difficulties. Therapy or Healing Art is the technique used to assist in the healing process.  This time is collaborative between the counselor and the client.  This means that it is not simply a time in which the client receives advice or in which the counselor is a silent receiver.  The work done in therapy is done as a partnership.  The nature of counseling often feels different from the rest of life.  Counseling gives you the chance to be completely honest about what you've done in your life.










All courses are non-refundable. Classes may be rescheduled. Prices are subject to change.


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