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As interactive, solution-focused life coaching facilitators, our approach is to provide education, support and practical feedback to help students through the facilitation of growth and change and to build focus, courage, and discipline to make a better life for our students and their clients.


With great sensitivity and understanding, Georgia Certified Life Coaching Academy helps our students to find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and issues. We work with each student to help them build on their strengths to identify and achieve life goals to help others.


We have been working in the life coaching sector for many years and have a wealth of education and experience to offer our students. Find out more about our training and the history of our practice. Feel free to contact us at any time to find out more about our approach and the types of life coaching disciplines we offer.

  • Do others look to you for support and wisdom?
  • Do your co-workers come to you to vent their dilemmas?
  • Are you the one the neighbors love to confide their issues?
  • Do your church members share their hopes and dreams with you?


  • Do your have natural leadership abilities?


  • Do you have good organizational skills?

If so, your gift of being a good listener and a highly confidential individual could largely benefit you and thousands of others through Life Coaching and Business Skills.


If you answer yes to any of the below questions, God may be calling you to a special ministry of coaching . . .


1.  Do you find that family and friends often come to you for help with their problems?


2.  Do you feel God has gifted you with a heart that desires to help people, care for them, and provide encouragement in their time of need?


3.  Do you wish you had a better understanding of the issues people struggle with in today's complex world?


4.  Do you wish you were better trained and equipped, more skilled and better able to use God's Word during these times?


5.  Do you wish you could get the training you desire and need without having to spend hours on the computer in instruction sessions or spend years in study to do so?


6.  Do you have great ideas to increase morale and improve production in the corporate community and would like to introduce these ideas to the executive or management team?


7.  Do you want to become a bonafide, certified life coach but do not want to spend thousands of dollars to do so?


  • Georgia Certified Life Coach Academy shows you how to help individuals and groups get out of their own way to create the change they seek.
  • Everyone needs someone they can turn to, count on, learn from, be vulnerable with, lean on, celebrate with, boast boldly to ... someone who can hold them accountable to their own integrity, and gently but firmly invite them to grow.
  • Our 1-day accelerated intensive training program will certify and validate you to become a Certified Life Coach.  In addition, we will show you how to build, market, and manage your private practice and to maintain an impeccable reputation for receiving future referrals.  You will be equipped with everything you need to begin your general practice as a Certified Life Coach.




At the Georgia Certified Life Coach Academy, our highly comprehensive curriculum trains and validates individuals to become Professional Certified Life Coaches.

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The team of the GCLCA and Chastity House members would like to thank you and look forward to you receiving your Life Coaching Certification and Continuing Education.

With truest regards,

Kai Ashby, PhD

CEO / Founder


Adjunct Professor/Facilitator


Ahisha N. Hood, B.A.S., CLC

Life Coach Instructor

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