If you are the type of person people are drawn to for help or support, you probably already have a natural ability for coaching. 

How long does it take to get started in my business after graduation?

You will be able to start your coaching business right away.  When you complete the training you will be fully certified to begin your practice. 

How much do life coaches charge for their services?

Life coaches charge between $30 to $175+ per hour or more, depending on their experience.  Some coaches charge by the month, seeing their clients weekly.  You can also offer career coaching, group coaching, or corporate seminars and workshops and charge between $300 and $5,000+ per person, depending on the course you are providing for your clients.  Some individuals simply choose to take this course to learn to become a life coach as a part of ministry, providing coaching services to the members in their church.

Do I need an office to practice coaching?

No.  You can coach over the phone, in an intimate public setting, or in a quiet space in your home.  We go over the many ways to see your clients without leasing an office during class.

After I become a life coach, how do I get clients?

Becoming certified as a life coach doesn't mean much if you don't know how to get clients. That's why we spend a large block of time developing a complete marketing plan.  We provide several ways to market your business, as well as work on your website, brochures, business cards and much more.  

Build my own web site?  I'm not computer literate.

Not to worry! We provide help with a simple web site builder that anyone can use!  We offer ongoing support, even after you complete the class. This service is provided at no charge to our students.

How can you teach me life coaching in just 1 day?

This is an accelerated intensive 1-day class with no more than 14 students.  You attend classes from 9 a.m to 5 p.m., with only one break for lunch and a short break in the morning and afternoon.  We get down to business with step-by-step lessons covering all aspects of coaching.  With our "hands on" approach we can cover much more ground than you can through any telephone or online coaching school. 

How much does the course cost?

Our accelerated intensive 1-day program is facilitated by bachelor's, master's and doctorate level state board certified counselors and experienced certified life coaches.  The cost for the training program is $997 and includes all the material you will need to begin your own practice including your Certified Life Coach Diploma.  But for a limited time only, we are offering it for only $498.50!!!  This course fee includes a 150-page highly comprehensive manual and training material, business marketing plan, beverages, morning and afternoon snack breaks. This is a wonderful, inexpensive investment towards your financial independence. The course is fun, educational, highly informative and offers a fantastic experience. 

Do I need to have a college degree to be a life coach?

No.  Although many coaches do have a college degree, it is not required to practice professional life coaching.  The most important thing you do need is a genuine desire to help others.  If you have that, GCLCA will supply you with everything else.

Does my Life Coaching certification have real value?

Absolutely it does! Here’s why:
Successful professional coaching is about your client’s success. It’s about your ability to truly help an individual achieve his or her goals. 

GCLCA’s Certified Life Coaching course has the most experienced professionals in the coaching industry that supplies you with everything you will need to insure your clients will receive the finest coaching experience available.  As a graduate of GCLCA, you will have the distinguished honor of being recognized and profiled through the State of Georgia Certified Life Coaches Registry.

What about my CLC credential? Is it real?

Yes, the GCLCA's Certified Life Coach credential is absolutely real.
There are dozens of organizations providing life coaching certifications. Their on-line training programs range from one day to twelve months, and in some cases even longer and costs in the thousands of dollar range.
BEWARE of life coaching programs that offer certification who are NOT registered with the Georgia Secretary of State and do not have a State Corporate Seal. Go to https://georgia.gov/agencies/georgia-secretary-state. GCLCA is a program component in compliance with a Georgia State nonprofit organization.

Please note that at this time, no government regulatory agency sanctions or oversees life coaching credentialing, internationally nor domestically.  Therefore, if you are without graduate-level education in the social services/human services field, it would be to your advantage to receive your certification now before it becomes regulated.  When this happens, our associations will lobby your certification for licensing through the Georgia Secretary of State to be “grandfathered” in--only for Georgia Secretary of State Registered Agencies. This ensures accountability on behalf of all Life Coaching Programs. 

The true value of a coaching credential is measured by the recipient’s ability to deliver meaningful, successful coaching to each and every client served.

When you graduate from GCLCA, you will have gained not only your Certified Life Coach (CLC) diploma with a Georgia registered agency, you will have also acquired the expert knowledge and complete confidence to fully utilize the finest professional coaching system available.

When times are tough, more and more people turn to highly skilled, professional coaches for the help they need to achieve their goals. 

To Be a Great Coach, You Don’t Need the Answers.  You Do Need the Questions.

Successful life coaching is all about asking the right questions. It’s about helping your clients decide for themselves what their goals are and how they can achieve them. It’s about listening and understanding and helping your clients to identify and prioritize the appropriate actions needed to succeed. It is about helping clients to clearly articulate their desires and remain accountable to their objectives. 

Great life coaches are not counselors, advisors, expert consultants or therapists. Great coaches are motivators. They are objective in their guidance, and passionate to help each client succeed. 

Great life coaches come from many walks of life, and all have one thing in common: a sincere desire to help others. And, with GCLCA’s Life Coaching System, you will have the tools and the confidence to provide the finest life coaching experience to each and every client you engage. 

As a graduate of GCLCA, you’ll know exactly what questions to ask to guide and motivate your clients to a higher level of success and a richer more fulfilling life.

Will I need to get recertified each year with GCLCA?

Not with us you won’t. During our course you will master our professional coaching system, and you can always refer to GCLCA's comprehensive Life Coaching Manual.  Once you have demonstrated and mastered this system, we know you will not forget it. For this reason we can award you with a certified coaching diploma good for a lifetime.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the registration form and pay the $497.00 via Paypal to reserve your spot in the class.  Before long, you will join a community of the world’s finest coaches and begin changing lives for the better.

Where does the training take place?

You train at our physical location at Chastity House-Center for the Healing Arts, not online, not by telephone, not at a hotel, and not at a subdivision clubhouse. You receive hands on experience, and practice with real people. This will give you the feeling of what it's like to have a designated space to coach your clients. You train with licensed and certified counselors and life coaches who are experienced coaches and who have their own practices, not like some schools who use teachers who have little real life coaching and training experience. DUE TO COVID-19, CLASSES ARE CONDUCTED ON-LINE.

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