Our Facilitators

Kai Ashby, PhD   

Dr. Nkaimani "Kai" Aashtha Ashby, is the founder & Executive Director of Chastity House-Center for the Healing Arts.  Dr. Kai has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Jacksonville University, School of Theological Seminary in the study of Psychology, Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, and Doctorate of Philosophy in Community Counseling with a concentration in life coaching, prevention, family and domestic violence, and anger management counseling from Newburgh Theological Seminary and Bible College, as well as EQUIP Leadership Certification from Ohio Christian University. Dr. Kai is licensed and certified through the Georgia State Board of Examiners for Counselors and Therapists.  She completed her Dissertation on a woman's position with man, marriage, children, church, and the community.  She is a counselor in private practice specializing in Afrikan-Centered Spirituality Holistic Healing and Prevention. Dr. Kai has been counseling and coaching for more than 20 years, offering both traditional and spiritual counseling.

         Dr. Kai is the author of the acclaimed KeNu Universal Health and Wellness 8-Steps to Self-Healing Certification.

         The Center for the Healing Arts is created to present a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere nestled in a business-residential community. She states, "Our intentions are to keep you feeling at home, surrounded by people who listen to you and will nurture you as a person."

          As the former host of Life Coaching Today on Atlanta's WAEC Radio Love860, she is currently the co-host of GoodTalk Radio and R.A.W. Queens Radio (Real Authentic Women).

          She is an advocate for sex trafficking prevention, teen pregnancy and STD/STI prevention. As a member of several counseling and writers associations, her disciplines include abstinence education and prevention, anger and stress management, grief counseling, adolescent counseling, motivational speaking, life coping, and behavior modification coaching. Dr. Kai is recognized as a skillful and caring counselor, a masterful speaker, and workshop leader.

           In 1994, Dr. Kai founded the Junior Upward Mobility Program (JUMP) which later in 1995 became Operation J.U.M.P. (Just Using My Power), whose mission is to educate, empower, and provide valuable health information to teens and their families, and to enlighten teens that for every decision made, there is a consequence--whether good or bad--detrimental or beneficial.  She has dedicated her life to empowering teenage girls with life-saving knowledge.

           "God has given me a passion for teen girls and a desire to help and encourage our young women through life's challenges.  I believe that better informed youth tend to make better decisions about their lives," Dr. Kai states.

            She is the prolific author of children, teen and adult fiction and non-fiction titles. She continues her pursuit of knowledge in Ancient Kemetic and Afrikan Studies. She is currently working on a nonfiction book entitled, "Death: The Price of Freedom."

Abi Marsh, MLC  is a Chief Reinvention Officer and Master Life Coach. In addition, she is an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Certified Life Coach specializing in Entrepreneurship, Business, Sex and Transformation Coaching. However, her most impactful role is as a mother.

As the founder and CEO of Reinvent Your Identity, LLC, she empowers women to become the best and most authentic version of themselves. Having experienced reinvention after a major disruption, she is passionate about seeing women live fulfilled lives and connected to their values and goals. She works with women who seek to reinvent their identity following economic, emotional or midlife crisis.

Abi’s life is a remarkable adventure. Right after the birth of her third child, Abi found her life upended by a separation and then divorce. On her own, it was challenging to adjust to the new role of head of household and as a single mom. In the same year, her business, and sole source of income, failed. It was a difficult moment for Abi. Despite the circumstances, she saw the opportunity for reinvention, and decided to use the situation as leverage for her success. She developed a powerful 5Step Reinvention System. It became a success, and within six months she pivoted from food stamps to a six-figure income in a new career. Encouraged by her results and aware of how many women were challenged after similar life altering challenges, she became a Certified Life Coach.

Presently, Coach Abi is reigniting the hopes of women globally by helping them find clarity through her Signature Reinvention System. This new dynamic transformation tool allows women to focus on living a fulfilled life without the approval of a relationship. They will also learn how to become laser-focused on self-healing and achieving greatness. Through her system, women will be empowered by Coach Abi’s brilliant insights and wealth of experience.  She brings dedication to her work and her passion drives progress in women’s lives. Above all, she is non-judgmental and enthusiastic about providing valuable resources that will help them live the life they have always wanted.

In addition to coaching, Abi Marsh is a Managing Partner of Integrity Global Business Partners, LLLP, a firm that consults with investors seeking to enter Agribusiness in Ghana, Africa. She also facilitates a program that teaches women farmers in rural Ghana sustainable agricultural and value chain development. Also, she has broad knowledge in multiple aspects of strategic sales, planning and marketing, prospecting and networking, which will be valuable to women in business.

This serial entrepreneur is always looking for opportunities to offer solutions to the challenges of women worldwide.  Ever evolving, she provides solutions that motivate and empower women to live unapologetically.


Lead Life Coach Facilitator

Ahisha Nichole Hood, B.A.S., MLC

Ahisha Nichole Hood, an Atlanta, Georgia native, is the epitome of the well-known cliché: “Southern Hospitality.” Often described by others as being both polite and friendly, this agent is also hard-working and dedicated. After completing an A.A.S degree in Marketing Management, with honors, from Atlanta Technical College, Ahisha proceeded to Clayton State University where she has earned a B.A.S. degree in Organizational Leadership, all while maintaining an institutional G.P.A. of 4.0. As the recipient of multiple scholarships and a member of multiple honor societies, it is evident that Ahisha holds herself to a standard of excellence. Ahisha is a certified life coach and life coaching training instructor under the supervision of Dr. Kai Ashby. She continues her graduate studies in an MBA program with a concentration in Marketing.

          This same commitment to success is exhibited in her professional life, as well. With over 10 years of experience in the customer service industry, Ahisha has acquired a heart and passion for assisting and serving others. She effectively accomplishes this by truly hearing the needs of her clients, and working diligently on their behalves to achieve desirable results.
          In her leisure time, Ahisha enjoys creating memories with loved ones, reading inspirational books, traveling, and cultivating her skills to further pursue her dreams. Grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team, part of that dream entails assuring client satisfaction.
          My Big Why: “Nothing makes me happier than helping others to realize and accomplish their dreams-- whether that means accomplishing the dream of home-ownership, or the dream of financial freedom--making others happy truly makes me happy.”

Leslie Shortèy, A.A.S, MLC is the Founder and CEO of More From Les, a Professional Life Coaching practice. She was born in Kansas City, KS. She became active in the church and community at a very young age, attending Pleasant Green Baptist Church. Her father, the late John H. Patterson, led by example on how to give back to the community and local pet shelters. Mr. Patterson worked in the Juvenile Detention Center and Catholic Charities in Kansas City, KS where he took his daughter under his wings teaching her how to relate to troubled teens and teen mothers.

             Ms. Shortèy is a graduate of Wyandotte High School where she excelled in the DECA Marketing Program. She obtained her first employment position with Centre Bank as a domestic and foreign Check Reconciliation Clerk. She later worked as a Global Foreign Currency Account Specialist. She received her ARM certification and advanced as a trainer in the area of customer service and cultural diversity.

          Leslie attended National College of Business receiving her Degree in Business Management. She was also awarded a scholarship to Grambling State University.

Leslie relocated to California in 1992 to further her banking career before moving to Chicago in 1994 where she worked for the third largest greeting card company, Recycled Paper Greetings. Leslie resided on the south side of Chicago where she mentored youth in public schools and in the community (a passion that was instilled in her at a young age from her Father). Her collaborations with local churches, food pantries and clothing shelters, enabled her to provide community events such as dances, bingo, community clean-up day, and Veterans’ volunteer assistance. She participated in the Kaiser “walk for life” fundraiser. Her volunteer services led her into the political arena where she worked with the local Alderman’s youth program encouraging and motivating youth to dare to dream and to better themselves using measurable outcomes. In addition, she assisted single parents with community resources while encouraging them to consider an alternate way of thinking.

           Ms. Shortèy relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2000 where she utilized her skills and abilities in finance, working for Hitachi Power Tools and Barco Inc.  Hitachi introduced her to the rules and regulations of logistic container, transporting domestic and international goods, and customer service training. As the company Ambassador, she participated in executive board and leadership meetings where she offered suggestions in team building, structuring healthy relationships between managers and associates while promoting the appreciation of cultural differences.  Leslie presided over the six segment entities which included government contracts and international accounts. This position afforded her the opportunity to register to receive a CCE certification (Certified Credit Executive).

             In 2014 while volunteering for her local booster club and Parent-Teachers’ Association, Leslie was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for building the bridge between the schools and community. She is also a longtime standing member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), receiving their Community Service Award in 2016, and The Phenomenal Woman of Impact in 2019.

             Leslie Shortèy is a comedienne who is better known as "Auntea," where she enjoys performing comedy. She believes in the medicine of laughter and leaving the public with a lasting impression of positivity and enthusiasm

              In addition, Leslie is a dynamic and poised actress trained in a wide range of performance techniques. She is proud to announce that she has performed in a variety of productions and has graced the stages of Atlanta’s infamous 14th Street Playhouse, Rockdale County Auditorium, Wadsworth Auditorium just to name a few.  Leslie appeared in the HBO original movie “Bessie,” with a featured appearance in the movie,“Hip Hop Holiday” working alongside seasoned actors such as Queen Latifah, Terri J. Vaughn, Ta’Rhonda Jones, Common, and Martin Sheen. Under the leadership of Director Chris Scott of Trinity Performing Arts Academy, Leslie was cast as the character Evillene in the stage play, “The Wiz.”

            As a Professional Certified Life Coach, Leslie invests her time in each client she coaches. Her passion shines though as she facilitates meetings using client-centered goals. She challenges old habits and confronts alternative thinking patterns that encourage growth, change, and awareness leading to a more fulfilling, safe, healthy personal and professional life. Leslie also was an assistant Life Coach to Professor Chris Scott.

            Leslie has teamed together with Chastity House—Center for the Healing Arts to help create a 2020 Campaign Against Sex Trafficking (C.A.S.T.) bringing awareness and raising initiatives to help prevent and fight this heinous crime domestically (DMST - Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking) and internationally (CSEC – Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children). C.A.S.T. seeks to encourage involvement from governments, civil alliances, the corporate sector, and the community as a whole. She desires to expose and help eradicate sex trafficking. Sex Trafficking inflicts untold suffering on all its victims. It deprives them of their most basic and unalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

             The Campaign symbol is an anti-sex trafficking Yellow Triangle which also represents the connection of Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking and Organ Harvest Trafficking. The color yellow reminds us of the cowardly acts of those who buy and sell fellow human beings.

              The Campaign allows people to show their solidarity with the victims of sex trafficking and to join the C.A.S.T. by posting the Yellow Triangle on doors, windows, desks, vehicles, and other visible places. Supporting our efforts through purchasing Yellow Triangle products from our site will allow us to further advocate our mission of building a home for teen mothers and their children who are victims of abuse, abandonment, homelessness, neglect, and sex trafficking.  We call it Saving Grace Home. Our motto is:  "Keeping families together and helping through difficult times."

              As a Professional Certified Life Coach and Customer Service Program Trainer, Leslie offers CEU’s on DMST and CSEC training to mandated reporters through the Board of Regents for the Georgia Certified Life Coaching Academy. In addition, she organizes community forums on the subject. While Sex Trafficking is of a serious nature, Leslie incorporates her comedic timing to shine light on a dark truth about the evil and negative impact that invades our neighborhoods.

Pamela U. Owunta, MSW, MLC

Pamela Owunta is the Founder and CEO of the Perfect Formula Group, a consulting firm geared towards helping nonprofit organizations succeed by improving their organizational sustainability.  Armed with a passion for helping others showcase their best self, Pamela is a Masters Level Social Worker & Certified Life Coach who strives to enhance the lives of every individual she encounters. One of her mottos is to never give up.


In 2009, Pamela received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child, Family and Social Services from Nicholls St. University in Thibodaux, LA. After attaining her degree, she relocated to Georgia to attend the University of Georgia, where she received a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Community Empowerment and Program Development, along with a Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management.


Pamela truly enjoys her career and often refers to her love for people as the driving force behind her success.  She is a true catalyst of change that has created life-changing programs, secured millions of fundraising dollars and facilitated thought-provoking workshops for multiple nonprofit organizations which include: the Ryan Cameron Foundation, the Atlanta Hawks Foundation, the National MS Society, Gwinnett Country Government, and the Clayton County Board of Health. Working with such an extensive range of organizations has enhanced Pamela’s knowledge within the nonprofit sector which in return has mobilized her to help her clients thrive within the industry.


In 2015, Pamela received her Certified Life Coaching Diploma from the Center for the Healing Arts in McDonough, GA. She is presently preparing to obtain her 2nd Masters in Business Administration (concentration in Marketing) with hopes of pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Policy soon after. A lifelong learner with a determined soul and fearless spirit, Pamela continues to discover new ways to maximize her presence in society. Recently, she launched a new business venture: The Branding Bombshell, an organization dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs create a strong brand presence for their personal and business brands.


Through her new organization, Pamela helps women entrepreneurs create state of the art brand identities; as well as help women entrepreneurs’ connect to the right resources that will in return help their businesses grow and succeed. By choosing the Branding Bombshell, companies can go from ‘basic’ to ‘breathtaking.’ Pamela’s expertise and inspiration for business will help you discover the magic spark that separates your brand image from many others.


Currently, Pamela serves as an Adjunct Professor with Brown Mackie College and is also the Team Development Manager for the National MS Society. In her spare time, she travels, writes and mentors young teenagers and women. Pamela has been invited as a keynote speaker to several groups, with a specialty for young women who want to pursue business. She is a proud member of the National Association of Social Workers, Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Council of Volunteer Administrations of Metro Atlanta (COVA).Equipped with a strong work ethic, positive personality, and the ability to cultivate strong relationships, Pamela continues to grow and shine in the Atlanta community as a leader.  


Clarissa Taylor, M.A., MLC

Clarissa Taylor, a business entrepreneur and the founder of the teaching ministry, “Courageous Women Witnessing” (CWW). She has earned a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Luther Rice University Seminary, a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Ashford University, and an Associate’s Degree from Shorter College where she studied Business Management. Clarissa obtained her certification as a Life Coach at the Atlanta Life Coach Training Institute.
          In addition to becoming a Business Coach and Women Empowerment Coach, Ms. Taylor is the founder of the acclaimed commission, “My Bags,” a certified life coaching ministry dedicated to divorced women. She has always taken an interest in empowering women and has settled herself around individuals who manifest strength and courage, coupled with positive thinking. Furthermore, she founded the company, Taylym Bankruptcy Petitioner Preparers, a bankruptcy service offering financial freedom where she hopes to help make a difference in the lives of others in finance, career, and divorce. She credits her experience as a Group Coordinator for the United States Bankruptcy Courts, Northern District of Georgia, where she trained the best Customer Service Representatives in the city while building relationships with Attorneys, Debtors and Judges.
          Ms. Taylor also served the Georgia Department of Labor as an Office Supervisor and later advanced to Administrative Hearing Officer Prep Tech which allowed her to create, develop and implement in-service and leadership workshops.   
          She has a passion for women who struggle through divorce or separation from a marital commitment. Her goal is to empower those who seek the answers to life, laughter, and self-love.
          She is the author of Courageously Defined--In The Beginning It Was Not So, and Time for a Coach Up, as well as two workbooks designed for workshop coaching and leadership classes. In her spare time she enjoys writing and social blogging. 

Linda King, M.A., MLC

Linda King, M.A., CLC has over 25 years in the training and development field.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Development and a Master's in Organizational Communication and Development.  She also served as adjunct professor with Shorter College.
       In 2008, Linda began her dynasty. She is the founder and CEO of Perfecting You Enterprise, LLC. Her clients include Kaiser Permanente, Yum! Brands, Novelis, McKesson, AT&T, Southern Company, Grant Associates, and others, just to name a few.
       As a facilitator, workshop leader, motivator, and life coach, Linda is an identity expert!  She helps people who feel frustrated, stuck and confused see who they are, confront where they are and accept who they've been called to be by Re-discovering their true identity.
       Having going through and come out of her own "identity crisis," Linda knows first hand what it takes to navigate the journey of Re-Discovering not just how "great you are" but finding out what keeps you from being great!
       "Corporate America afforded me the opportunity to perfect my craft as a professional facilitator, workshop leader, and identity expert. But discovering my True Identity has given me the opportunity to perfect my calling," Linda states.
       Linda King is engaging, personable, enthusiastic, interactive, passionate, motivating, and a compelling facilitator.  Her vision is to help individuals Re-Discover their ability to maximize where they are, personally, professionally and spiritually, by knowing who they are.
      "We spend so much of our life aligning who we are with what we do, that we end up knowing more about our profession than we know about ourselves!" says Linda.  She is the author of, Re-Discover Your True Identity!

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Ahisha N. Hood, B.A.S., CLC

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