Djembe Drumming Therapy is an excellent way for children and youth to learn self-awareness, listening skills, coordination of breath and movement, cooperation and patience. It is also a valuable channel for intense emotions and teaches containment of strong feelings and impulses that would otherwise become disruptive and destructive. Whether your child has low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, defiant behavior, learning disabilities, attention deficit/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or simply an abundance of energy, drumming therapy can be a valuable aid to learning and growth.

Djembe Drumming has been a wonderfully successful approach to working with children who have trouble focusing and connecting with others in a satisfying way. Often, these children have had so much failure in their lives that they come to identify themselves as being "no good." A cycle of negative self-reinforcement occurs, often resulting in low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, anger problems and acting out. The personal power awakened by drumming helps to rebuild a sense of efficacy and self worth. The repetitive rhythm has a physiologically calming effect. It also builds valuable skills for processing and communicating information, and containing or channeling intense emotions and impulses.

Djembe Drumming Therapy Is a Powerful and Effective Way To Learn Valuable Coping Skills:

  • Ability to focus inward as well as outward
  • Develop self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Mastery of breath and movement
  • Ability to stay "on task"
  • Improve listening skills
  • Increase Frustration Tolerance
  • Channel aggressive/destructive impulses into creative and positive activity
  • Develop self-control, patience and cooperation




Djembe Drumming therapy begins on a weekly or twice weekly basis, usually for 30-minute sessions. The instruction is one to one. As focus and frustration tolerance improve, sessions may be extended to 60 minutes. We have a wide variety of pan-cultural percussion instruments that can be used. Available choices are limited in the beginning to avoid over-stimulation.

THIS IS NOT A MUSIC CLASS. Djembe Drumming Therapy is not focused on learning traditional music. The goals are therapeutic. Djembe Drumming Therapy is intuitive, spontaneous, and highly personalized. It allows for the greatest amount of creativity and self-expression within a structured and disciplined process.

Although some drum technique is taught, the focus is on the development of coping skills. Identification and expression of feelings is practiced both verbally and through the drums. Firm and consistent limits are set in order to maximize learning.

Djembe Drumming begins with the basics and progresses at the child's own natural pace. Gradually, as listening skills improve and the sense of natural rhythm develops, exercises may become more complex.

Eventually, it may become possible to drum with other children who have also been receiving individual drumming therapy. Through group drumming, newly learned skills are applied to the development of social skills.

Exposure to Djembe Drumming may cause sudden outburst of joy, happiness, energy, creativity, awareness and spontaneous healing!

Participants of all ages describe feeling "calm and centered" after drumming, and children show a visible decrease in arousal and impulsive energy after participating in drum therapy. Children and youth look forward to drumming sessions. Sessions are designed to be fun, interesting, and therapeutic with life-skills lessons woven into the process.

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